The Buckboard Stranger

The Stranger came by moonlight, riding a western buckboard behind a big dun horse. To Chuck Randall and his friend Barney Burke, this man in the ten-gallon hat and Texas boots was a figure of romance and adventure. In the sleepy New Hampshire village he created a new kind of excitement, and through most of that summer his gambling and horse racing kept the place in a turmoil. How the boys helped solve the mystery of the stranger’s background supplies a thrilling climax to the story.

Many things in this book will remind young readers of such other Meader favorites as Red Horse Hill and Who Rides In The Dark? In addition to its fast moving action this gives a faithful picture of life in a small New England mill town in the early years of this century. Boys of today will find Chuck and Barney as real as their own friends and will share their adventures which are told here in unsurpassed fashion by a master storyteller.

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