Behind the Ranges

The wild loveliness of an uninhabited valley high in the Olympic Mountains was hardly disturbed when Dick and his father, with the help of a Forest Ranger, pitched their camp there. Dr. Randolph, a botanist, planned to make a collection of the flora of the region—the wildest and least-explored territory in the United States. Dick hoped to get specimens of the whistling marmot—a rare animal which lives there—for the Smithsonian Institution.

But their peaceful days were abruptly changed by Dick’s discovery that the valley was already inhabited by some strange sort of human being. Mounting suspense and terror contrast sharply with the quiet beauty of the setting. Stephen W. Meader has chosen a new and unusual background for this exciting story which ranks with the finest of his many outstanding books.

One response to “Behind the Ranges

  1. I had read Behind the Ranges in 1947 in middle school and enjoyed it so much that when found a used copy, I bought it and reread it again. I live in the state of Washington in which the story takes place .
    Don Newsom
    West Richland, WA

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