The Will to Win

The Will To Win And Other Stories. Stephen Meader has been known for years as an expert writer of adventure stories. “The Black Buccaneer,” “Red Horse Hill,” and “Lumberjack” are some of his books which will be read and enjoyed by future generations of young people. “The Will To Win” is also a book of adventure, but the subject comes closer to the experience of the average boy than in any of the other books. For these are stories of sport—high school football, track, and baseball, a canoe race in Maine, skating and tobogganing. There is plenty of excitement in the book, and dramatic moments which might occur to any sport-loving boy. Bill, the left-handed high school pitcher; Ole, the big Swedish halfback; Wink, the pacemaker on the relay team; and all the others seem familiar because of the skill with which Mr. Meader creates the boys themselves and the situations in which they fail or triumph.

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