Our Books (A-P)

The Entire Stephen W. Meader Bibliography

The Black Buccaneer 1920
Down the Big River 1924
Longshanks 1928
Red Horse Hill 1930
Away to Sea 1931
King of the Hills 1933
Lumberjack 1934
The Will to Win and Other Stories 1936
Trap Lines North 1936
Who Rides in the Dark? 1937
T-Model Tommy 1938
Boy with a Pack 1939
Bat, the Story of a Bull Terrier 1939
Clear for Action! 1940
Blueberry Mountain 1941
Shadow in the Pines 1942
The Sea Snake 1943
The Long Trains Roll 1944
Skippy’s Family 1945
Jonathan Goes West 1946
Behind the Ranges 1947
River of Wolves 1948
Cedar’s Boy 1949
Whaler ‘ Round the Horn 1950
Bulldozer 1951
The Fish Hawk’s Nest 1952
Sparkplug of the Hornets 1953
The Buckboard Stranger 1954
Guns for the Saratoga 1955
Sabre Pilot 1956
Everglades Adventure 1957
The Commodore’s Cup 1958
The Voyage of the Javelin 1959
Wild Pony Island 1959
Buffalo and Beaver 1960
Snow on Blueberry Mountain 1961
Phantom of the Blockade 1962
The Muddy Road to Glory 1963
Stranger on Big Hickory 1964
A Blow for Liberty 1965
Topsail Island Treasure 1966
Keep ‘Em Rolling 1967
Lonesome End 1968
The Cape May Packet 1969

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