Snow on Blueberry Mountain

The Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania are the scene of this action-filled story by one of America’s favorite authors of books for young people. Mark Wilkins, a junior in high school and the oldest in a large family, is trying to find ways of supporting them now that his father, a struggling novelist, has died. Their only inheritance is a worthless strip of cutover mountainside. A fine skier himself, Mark dreams of turning this into a good commercial ski slope.

With the help of his brother-in-law Buck Evans, whom readers will remember from an earlier book by Mr. Meader, Blueberry Mountain, Mark clears the hill of stumps and rocks and sets out—against high odds but with his entire family joining in—to make his dream come true.

Mark’s determination to maintain a good scholastic standing, his exploits as a basketball and football player, and his real achievement in making a paying business of the ski run, all combine to make an exciting, authentic story of courage and perseverance that will win a quick response from boys everywhere.

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