Sparkplug of the Hornets

Though Peewee Carson had starred on a midget league team in the city, he was really too small to make the high school basketball team in the upstate town to which he and his family had just moved. However, the school enrollment was not large and because the team needed every possible player Peewee got his chance. That was all he needed. Before long it was obvious that, though pint-sized, his speed and team spirit made him a worthy opponent to larger players. Slowly the Hornets, despite their lack of reserves, began to pull ahead in their league, and eventually qualified for the state finals. In a series of fast, trigger-tense games they reached the playoff—the peak of every team’s ambition.

This is the first time that Mr. Meader, one of our foremost writers for boys, has turned to a sports novel—with exciting results! Plenty of action, clean sportsmanship, and fine team spirit fill this stirring account of an uphill struggle to victory which will add to the multitude of Meader fans.

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