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Lumberjack Reviewed


In the process of doing some promotional work for Stephen Meader’s Lumberjack, one of our currently discounted hardcover titles, I came across a vintage review of the book by the New York Herald Tribune, which was written before the newspaper ceased publication in 1966. A little throwback, and the review still holds up some 50 years later!

“This is the sort of book, rare today, which is equally enthralling to adults and children. Dan Garland is a very real and very human boy and his adventures and experiences are completely absorbing. This really is a grand book and one it would not be possible to recommend too highly.”

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Happy Note


Receiving notes like this one makes my day. I love that Stephen Meader’sbooks delighted so many readers as children and that their republication brings back the joy all over again. We love our customers!

“I would also like to thank you for your efforts to bring these books back.
I’m 44 and remember reading Bulldozer when I was six. The first big book I
ever read and loved it!” ~J.R.


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