King of the Hills

Stephen Meader is a master of plot and character; he also knows how to make the countryside live and breathe. This tale of New Hampshire mountains is full of magic for any boy who loves the woods.

Breck Townsend went to New Hampshire in the hunting season, not to shoot deer but to photograph them. His ambition was to get a picture of the biggest and craftiest stag that ranged the hills—called the King by all the woodsmen in recognition of his prowess in leading his herd and escaping the hunters. How Breck set about his task, how he ran into a crew of gangsters who shot deer illegally and sold them to unsuccessful hunters, and how with the aid of Sam, the game warden’s son, he brought the law-breakers to justice and accomplished his purpose—this is the bare outline of a book which no boy will put down unfinished.

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