Skippy’s Family

This is a book for anyone who loves dogs. We quote Mr. Meader’s own description, as expressed in his foreword: “This is the true history of a small, brown mongrel dog, a wholly unremarkable dog except to the family which knew him best. For seventeen years he was a full-fledged member of that family—as definite a personality as Dad or Mother or any of the four children. He shared our ups and downs, our tribulations and our holiday moods. He was sometimes comical, sometimes exasperating, but always intelligent, lovable, loyal and courageous. His firmness of purpose was a household byword. When, in the fullness of years, the time for parting came, it was a black day for all of us. We miss him still, though many months have passed. But he left with us a host of whimsical recollections, some of which I have set down in this story of his life.

“Being adopted by a dog is a serious matter and should not be entered into lightly. Like marriage, it is a relationship that depends for its success on patience and understanding. Sometimes it involves the possibility of heartbreak. Yet the human being who has never known the companionship and devotion of a dog has surely missed a worthwhile part of living.”

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