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Adult Lessons of YA Fiction

“One of the great values of literature is its ability to convey experiences different from our own, to let us see inside the heads of characters from different time periods, different countries, different races, classes, and, yes, ages. Every time a grownup reads a YA book, they widen their perspective in important ways.” 

Amid recent articles dismissing recent works of young adult fiction as unimportant, embarrassing and works of “juvenilia”, comes Julie Beck’s piece in today’s TheAtlantic.com.  The Adult Lessons of YA Fiction discusses the importance of revisiting the “elemental truths” found in the YA fiction that we once loved as kids and how they can be every bit as meaningful to us as adults. 

We couldn’t agree more. 

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The Great Summer Reading List

It’s officially summer. 

It’s the time of year when teenagers sleep until noon, swimming pools rarely stay tranquil, and friends linger on patios watching children run barefoot through the neighborhood way past dark. Its also when many people perfect the art of slowing down and relaxing with a good book. 

Although some of our favorite Meader summer-ish titles such as Topsail Island Treasure and Everglades Adventure didn’t make the list, TIME editors have compiled a list of The 12 All-Time Great Summer Reads. The perfect way to kick-off your summer reading.

Now all you need is the hammock.




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Lumberjack Reviewed


In the process of doing some promotional work for Stephen Meader’s Lumberjack, one of our currently discounted hardcover titles, I came across a vintage review of the book by the New York Herald Tribune, which was written before the newspaper ceased publication in 1966. A little throwback, and the review still holds up some 50 years later!

“This is the sort of book, rare today, which is equally enthralling to adults and children. Dan Garland is a very real and very human boy and his adventures and experiences are completely absorbing. This really is a grand book and one it would not be possible to recommend too highly.”

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Ebooks Less Social According to Kids

According to a report by Scholastic, kids still prefer print books for social reading such as bedtime stories and sharing with friends. Check out the results here: Kids See eBooks as Being Less Social Than Print


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