Ebooks Less Social According to Kids

According to a report by Scholastic, kids still prefer print books for social reading such as bedtime stories and sharing with friends. Check out the results here: Kids See eBooks as Being Less Social Than Print



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4 responses to “Ebooks Less Social According to Kids

  1. karaybrooke

    I would agree! I have been trying many things to get my son to learn how to read, but I think old fashioned books seem to do the trick. All the fancy games and books on our Kindle are great, but he engages more verbally with the actual book.

    • Yes Sabrina! There’s just nothing like a “real” book. Even as an adult, when I’ve read books on my Nook I’m acutely aware that its less satisfying to push an arrow rather than turn a page. I love looking to see how far I’ve read when I bookmark the page, too. So I can only imagine how much more the story comes to life for children when they can manipulate a physical book. Interesting to think about the affect it has on learning to read- thanks for your post!

  2. I agree with this too. My little 21 months old boy likes to bring me some real colorful books to read them for him before going to sleep. Sure, he doesn’t know yet what e-books are! However he has already knows my laptop, uses keyboard and switches it sometimes just for fun 🙂

  3. Hi Viktor! The buttons and gadgets are so fun for the little ones aren’t they? I suppose at the end of the day whether book or ebook, the time spent together with the little ones is what’s most important. Your son is at such a great age for bedtime reading with Dad! Thanks for the post!

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