Jumping In…

We are excited to create this space that’s not only an extension of our website as a place to showcase the entire beautifully republished works of Stephen Meader fiction, but also a place to share ideas, news and musings related to a love of books and reading. Welcome and stay tuned!



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7 responses to “Jumping In…

  1. Is this your own company? Sounds great! Can’t wait to see what else you’re up to!

  2. Thanks Kate! My father created the company; however, I’m now “running” most aspects the business. Thanks for popping in- I’m excited about this blogging adventure!

    • That is great! I just left a reply on your comment on my page, thank you so much! Always great to meet another military spouse/girlfriend/fiance! Since your business is publishing and you’re part of the military community, I thought you’d like this book! It is written by an army spouse I met at Fort Eustis, VA, a few weeks ago and it’s called “My Daddy’s a Soldier” by Sara Jane Arnett 🙂 I’ve imagined writing a military children’s book myself! Here is her page: https://www.facebook.com/sarajanearnett?fref=ts

      • This is great – thank you for sharing this link! What a great subject to write a children’s book about. Such a unique lifestyle and the little ones are certainly a part of it, making their own circumstances so much different from other kids. Wonderful!

      • You’re welcome! Yes it’s a great story for military kids because they can really relate in a way that a civilian kid probably wouldn’t. It’s a darling book written by a darling Army wife 😀

  3. Great website looking forward to more posts

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